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the idea

generations of old orchards in the bavarian-swabian danube valley provide the ingredients for our traditionally produced ciders.


we harvest fruit from the district of dillingen, which we process either into single-orchard wines or finely tuned cuvées.


in doing so, we use an artisanal approach to the product and use methods to enhance its quality that have been common in traditional viticulture for centuries.


this includes working with maceration periods, ageing in wooden barrels, bottle fermentation, drying of apples or the use of different yeasts to develop different aromas.

due to their high acidity, old apple varieties are ideal for processing into cider. however, their full potential can only be developed through conscientious handling of the raw material and artisanal production.

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hi there

my name is peter baumgartner and i have set myself the goal of producing high-quality sparkling wines from local orchards.


having worked in a traditional cidery for twelve years, i have gained an affinity for, and in-depth knowledge of cider making.

my work as a chef in upscale gastronomy for five years has trained my palate and sense of smell.


i have found my calling in cider production. in close cooperation with winegrowers and sparkling wine producers all over germany, we try to get the best out of the raw material, the fruit.


the project is supported by donautal-aktiv e.v. with a grant from the european agricultural fund for rural development.


with our project "new use for old orchard fruit varieties", we have set ourselves the goal of preserving and cultivating local orchards.

european agricultural fund for rural development: europe invests in rural areas.


co-financed by the Free State of Bavaria within the framework of the development programme for rural areas in Bavaria 2014-2022.

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