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we ferment our sparkling wine using two different methods.


our cidre bouché is made using the traditional method.

here, the base wine first ferments completely before it is enriched with sugar and yeast and undergoes a second fermentation in the bottle.

this process, which was developed by dom pérignon in the 17th century, gives the sparkling wine more strength and a more complex aroma.

cidre_bouche_cuvee_souabe_2021_schatten_small copy.png

méthode traditionnelle



the cidre pet-nat is produced according to the méthode ancestrale.

the base wine is filled into the bottle during the first fermentation at a certain residual sugar content, where it finishes fermenting.

a pet-nat convinces with its freshness and lightness. these rather dry sparkling wines stimulate the flow of drinking and also work excellently as food accompaniments.


méthode ancestrale


our “dörrwein” is produced in the style of a port wine

we let the raw apple or pear juice ferment first. the fermentation is then stopped with our own fruit brandy.

to achieve a higher sugar content, more concentrated flavours and aroma, we also macerate dried fruit in the mash.

the wines are then stored in oak barrels in our cellars in Haunsheim for at least one year or until they are sold.



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