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the swabian danube valley is characterised by its many old orchard meadows. planted with different varieties, they represent unique biotopes in our cultural landscape.

they are more resistant to pests and can be managed without the use of plant protection products.


year after year, our meadows with their old, tart and acidic varieties provide us with the unique ingredients for our cider. this fruit is particularly well suited for the production of complex and exciting wines.

the low price for fruit makes the economic management of biodiverse orchards almost impossible. the mixed planting can hardly withstand the competition of modern fruit cultivation in large-scale facilities.


in the last decades, more and more of these meadows with their impressive biodiversity have undergone a change of use and have rarely been replanted


Through the higher added value of the apples and pears by vinification, we would like to promote and finance the preservation of these unique biotopes, and also offer private orchard owners a monetary incentive to maintain and preserve their own meadows.






within a radius of no more than 30 km around our cellars, we harvest fruit from unsprayed, naturally cultivated orchards. in 2021, we were able to use a total of approx. 12 tonnes of apples and pears.

We harvested fruit from a total of 16 communities in the district of dillingen and processed it into wines from single orchards as well as finely tuned cuvées.

We already cultivate about fifty 40-80 year old trees ourselves on our home site 'ochsenäcker' in unterbechingen and a meadow orchard nearby, in lauingen.

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