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méthode ancestrale

poiré pet-nat | kesseltal | 2021


creamy, fruity, floral

tastes: sweet

this poiré is a pet-nat made from pears from an orchard near diemantstein and zoltingen.

due to the simple fermentation, it scores with only 6.6% vol. and is perfectly suitable as a light aperitif.

it captivates with fruity-floral aromas such as apricot and lime blossom, and its bubbles are fine and creamy.
due to its low acidity, the dry sparkling wine seems almost sweet and you look forward to the next sip after every sip.

14 € | 750 ml | 6,6 % vol


cidre pet-nat | cuvée | 2021


mineral, fruity, citrus

tastes: very dry

the cuvée is our second pet-nat, made from apples from meadows near haunsheim and veitriedhausen.

it surprises with invigorating acidity and stimulates the appetite.

citrusy and juicy, it bubbles up to you and offers the necessary contrast to fatty dishes.

even chilled and garnished with herbs, this cider is a perfect base for refreshing summer drinks.

14 € | 750 ml | 7,0 % vol

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